Auto Brite Smart Repairs Privacy Policy

Dear customers of Auto Brite

We pride ourselves with being a very honest business and therefore have disclosed our privacy policy to all past, present and future customers, as follows:

Dated 25th May 2018

What is being collected from Auto Brite?

“Your name and contact details from either our website, Facebook page, telephone or premises visit. Our website collects only basic cookies”

How and why does Auto Brite collect these details?

“We collect our customers details for booking in and collections of vehicles. We also use delivery address’s for delivery of our goods”.

How long will we store your details?

“As soon as your car is collected, or your goods received, our copy of your invoice is kept for our accounting, then stored away in line with HMRC instructions”

Do we share your details with third parties?

“We never share any customer details with anyone, except on customers permission for referrals to another business”

How customers can see and correct their information?

“Every customer receives a written estimate/invoice/purchase order with their details at time of booking in or purchasing our goods”.

How to contact Auto Brite

“By email: 0ffice 01489 578302”

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