Smart Repair Training

SMART Repair Franchise or Independent Operator?

If you are choosing a career as a SMART repairer, you may be deciding whether to go down the franchise route, or become an independent operator? Either way, you will require some extensive training, help and advice to become a success.

There are benefits in going with a franchise, including back-up support, a tried and tested system proven to achieve results, and a company name which potential customers will be aware of, due to large marketing campaigns. This however, can also mean anyone who has had a less than satisfactory repair by another operator in the same franchise, may damage the whole brands' reputation by calling it a (company name) repair. A search on the Internet of the best known SMART repair companies will highlight this with negative, as well as positive reviews. Unfortunately, due to the very nature of a decent SMART repair, it should be invisible, so although up to 70% of the vehicles on the road may have had a SMART repair carried out at some point, only the bad repairs will be noticed and remarked upon. Not as many people who are satisfied with a service will go onto a forum and spread the word as those who have had a bad experience. If you choose a franchise, you will be joining a reputation, good and bad!

SMART Repair Training

There are SMART repair training centres' where you will be able to learn and then become an independent. At these, the training may be provided strictly following a process with tools, consumables and paints supplied by the same company. They are usually widely available products, re-branded and decanted into manageable quantities and massively marked up. We can advise why the products we use are the most suitable and help you find a system you will be able to trust.

The trainer may be using products which the company will then put into a package for you to purchase and keep stocked up from their supplies, generating an income for them for the future. These products and practices may not necessarily be the most suitable, but usually the most profitable for the training centre. You may also find you are one of three or four receiving training by one trainer at the same time. We all learn at different rates, it would be a shame to have inadequate training due to not enough one-to-one attention from the trainer.

It is also one thing learning how to be a SMART repairer when indoors in a classroom environment, putting it into practice from a van, outdoors and under pressure is completely different. With my experience, I can show you processes and routines I have learned to achieve a professional standard repair, first time, every time.

Maybe you have had training and may even be running a SMART repair business, but are having problems with any part of the repair stages, be it removing the bulk of a dent before attempting a repair, filling or spraying to a decent finish? It can be refreshing to have another opinion, or try a different product/tool. At the Express Bodyshop, you can practice safely and under guidance, not pressure.

SMART Repair Training with Auto Brite Smart Repairs

As a practicing SMART repairer with 19 years experience on a mobile basis and now operating from a fixed site, I feel well qualified to pass on some of my experience on processes, tools and consumables. I am able to offer one-to-one training for any of the SMART repair services I cover on this website, and would be able to train you to confidently carry out a successful repair, whether you are a complete novice, who has never picked up a spray gun, or an experienced body repairer who would like to learn the SMART techniques involved to keep repairs small.

Any training can be as long or as short as you would like and can be charged daily. I would assess you and advise how many days I would think appropriate in our initial meeting.

Not being tied to any process or products means I can also advise you on tools, equipment and consumables, I have learnt to be the most suitable and adaptable to our way of working, which is often completely different to advice on product data sheets, as is our working environment! I have a regular paint rep on hand to back up any advice on products, unbiased towards any particular brands.

With the discounts I receive as a long standing customer at my paint and tool suppliers, I am able to pass this discount onto you and put together as much or as little of a package as you would like, or you can do so yourself at the end of training.

I have trained numerous independant Smart repairers who are successfully trading, as well as franchisees who have required a fresh approach and many Smart repair staff at both main dealers and vehicle reconditioning centres. I genuinely enjoy passing on any skills and experience I may be able to, in order to make you a success.

For any advice on SMART repairs, from training, tools and equipment, to marketing and finding a customer base to suit you, either send me an email at or give me a call.

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