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Were you offered a SMART insurance policy when you purchased your car but are unsure what it actually is?

This refers to car insurance policies that cover you against the cost of superficial damage to your vehicle. These policies allow you to claim for the cost of repairing damage such as scratches or dents - without having to jeopardise your no claims discount on your main policy. Many normal policies also have very large excesses, which means that you could end up having to pay a large amount for the cost of repairs to your paint or bodywork.

It is intended to protect the policy holder against the possibility of their car getting damaged in aesthetic ways. This includes, but is not limited to, scrapes and marks on the paintwork or dents to the bodywork. These types of damage can often be very minor to look at and yet very expensive to rectify. Auto Brite has vast experience in helping customers work with their SMART policies, to truly be SMART and look after their car and ensuring their car to always be in tip top condition, knowing that their no claims discount is not being affected.

Insurance Policies – Can I really choose where my car is repaired?

Your rights when it comes to repairs;

You have a legal right to choose who repairs your car, even if you’re making a car insurance claim for it.

According to legislation known as the Block Exemption Regulation, your insurer can not force you to use their repairers and they’ll still pay out for the repairs if your claim’s accepted.

It means you can choose to use a Bodyshop you know and trust to do a good job, and saves you travelling to your insurer’s chosen repairer.

Auto Brite will be able to provide a full estimate for your insurance company and we will work with them, to ensure a smooth booking in, payment and repair for you. If your car has been damaged, why wouldn’t you want to ensure it is repaired to the highest standard, after all, it is your car.

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