Bumper, mirror casing and trim repairs

  •  Auto Brite Smart Repairs
  •  Auto Brite Smart Repairs

Modern bumpers and other colour coded trims, are easily repaired.

Possibly the most common areas to be damaged on a car, and the type of repairs Auto Brite carry out every day, are the bumpers, mirror casings, and plastic trims. Whether these are colour coded painted plastic, or grey to black unpainted and textured, they can be repaired to as new condition, instead of replacing.

Any splits are repaired using a hot staple system, where metal staples are melted into the plastic, bridging the split, to achieve an extremely strong repair and far stronger than any glue or plastic welding. Any distortion is heated up and "massaged" back into shape. The paint damage is filled, primed and resprayed, blending into the rest of the bumper. 

Textured, unpainted plastic bumpers and trims can also be repaired. These are filled and primed, then a texture spray which replicates the original finish is applied, before a colour matched specialist plastic coating is sprayed over the top.

As specialists in minor car body repairs, our bumper repairs can be carried out in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to undertake similar bumper repairs in traditional body repair shops. Most bodyshops will replace a bumper, whereas Auto Brite prefer to repair, saving time, money as well as the all important unnecessary landfill.

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