Car Body Repairs

Repairs to panels, including minor dents, and vandal damage.

Auto Brite can repair and respray any minor damage to panels, and blend the new paint into the undamaged surrounding paintwork.

The damage will be repaired, primed and resprayed, using the best quality products we trust, painting only the damaged area and blending as far as necessary, to ensure your car remains as original as possible, yet matches in both colour and finish.

Vandal scratches, or panels which have been "keyed", can easily be repaired. The scratches are sanded down, filled if necessary, then the area is primed, resprayed, and blended as far as needed, again only painting the damaged area, not unnecessary surrounding panels. (The location of the damage and colour of car may determine whether Auto Brite will advise a Smart repair or full panel/s respray).

Dents and scuffs to panels, will be repaired by firstly removing as much of the dent as possible, before filling, priming and respraying. We use the best quality fillers available, which are rapidly cured with heat and sanded with dust free sanding tools. We then use a top quality 2 Pack primer to seal the filler which is fully cured by infra red. The panel repaired will be finished with a machine polish to blend the new paint seamlessly into the old paint. During this process, colour matching is undertaken to the manufacturer's original specification by using the paint code on the vehicle. Therefore, instead of an expensive complete paint repair we will blend it, seamlessly, saving paint and time and keeping your car as original as possible. So whether you need one single car scratch repaired or multiple areas, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your car paintwork as conveniently as possible.

Paintless Dent Removal

Small annoying dents which are easily picked up at car parks, etc, can often be removed with no need to paint.. Paintless Dent Removal is a unique method for these minor types of dent, using specialist tools. The dent is "massaged" from the rear of the panel, and does not harm the painted surface. Dents in door panels are accessed by winding the window down, dents in other panels may involve removing some trims. If the rear of the dent is not accessible, or the dent is large, a glue pulling kit can be used to remove the dent from the painted surface.

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