Bespoke PVC Curtains for Your Unit-Auto Brite SMART Repairs

Setting up an area to spray in can be a tricky part to get right, especially without spending thousands of pounds on a high-tech spray area when you don’t need to. We work tirelessly with our supplier on quality, ensuring that every curtain we make is crafted to your needs and able to be used straight away. We can provide curtains with doors, ceilings, pull openings and much more.

The photo shown below is our bodyshop curtain, in which we needed a retractable 1 sided curtain with a clear top half to let the natural daylight in. The rest of the spray room is made from fire rated plasterboard and sealants, along with all enclosed electrics and lighting to create a spray room.

All our curtains are fire retardent PVC material, manufactured to a very high quality. All our curtains come delivered to your door with all fixings between 3-4 weeks, depending on how busy our bookings are. If you would like a quote for a curtain to compliment your unit, please send us a drawing/photo of the area you propose your spraying to commence, with measurements and we will be happy to supply you with a quotation.

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