Signwriting Removal

 Auto Brite Smart Repairs

If you are returning your vehicle to a lease company or planning on selling it, you may need to remove any sign writing first, as well as any glue residue, and in some cases, shadowing where the vinyl has etched into the paint. The process can be fairly painstaking and leave a difficult to remove mess if it isn't done correctly.

Auto Brite can remove any sign writing for you, at the Express Bodyshop in Segensworth. We will use heat to gently remove the lettering first, then follow up with a glue remover to clean the panels.

Depending on the colour of the vehicle and sign writing, it may have etched into the lacquer, leaving a shadowing where the stickers were. If this is the case, we can use the techniques we use for paint machine polishing, to remove this. We will use a coarse cutting paste on a firm polishing head on our electric polisher to remove the shadowing, before going through the refinishing stages, ending with a hand polish.

If you are able to send a picture of the vehicle including the sign writing to: we can give you an estimate of cost and timescale as obviously, this can vary greatly.

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