Motorbike paint repairs in Hampshire

Motorcycle fairings

Motorcycle pannier and fairing repairs.

If you have paint damage or splits to your motorbike fairings or pannier boxes, Auto Brite can carry out these repairs at our Express Bodyshop in Segensworth, Fareham, Hampshire.

Auto Brite Smart Repairs have experience in repairing much more than just cars. Damaged motorbike panniers and fairings are ideal for our methods of repair too. The unique way in which we can keep the repair as small as possible, enables us to perform these repairs for far less than the cost of replacement.

Using colour match computer software, which includes motorbikes and all finishes, Auto Brite can repair any scratches caused to your fairings, nose cones and pannier boxes. We use a hot staple system for any splits, which melts metal staples into the plastic, bridging the split, to give an extremely strong repair. Far stronger than any glue or plastic welding methods.

We can match any finish, or even colour change panels to your choice, including full gloss clear lacquer as well as satin/full matt finishes.

If you are able to remove the damaged panniers, or fairings and deliver the parts to Auto Brite, that will be helpful, and usually mean the repairs can be carried out far sooner. If this is not possible, or you would just prefer to deliver the whole bike, we will wrap the whole bike in a polymask film to ensure no overspray or dust gets onto it whilst working on it.

If you would like to bring your bike to The Express Bodyshop for an estimate, please do so, otherwise you are welcome to send any pictures, with details of bike, to

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