Scratch Removal and machine polishing

 Auto Brite Smart Repairs

Driving too closely to a hedge, or incorrect washing of a vehicles' paintwork can leave scratches which are not easily removed with products available to the public. Usually, these scratches will only be in the top layer of paint, known as the Lacquer or clearcoat, and should be able to be removed using the correct scratch removal processes. With a polishing machine, and reducing grades of paint compounds and polishes, we can cut your paint back to its' factory finish, and often better!

1st Stage:

On assessing your paintwork to determine the severity of scratches, whether it be a single scratch or the whole car, Auto Brite will decide the best first procedure. This could be as severe as wet sanding with ultra fine sandpaper, buffing with machine and a coarse paint compound, or just a light buff with a polish.

2nd Stage:

Assuming, as in most cases, the first stage was carried out with a coarse cutting paste, the second stage will be to use a finer paint compound paste and a softer polishing head. This removes swirls which were put in with the first cutting stage.

3rd Stage:

Next we will use a fine polish with a delicate cut, to restore a full shine into your paintwork and protect it from everyday wear and tear. This will be applied and removed with microfibre cloths, leaving a streak free, deep gloss.

Final stage if required:

The polish used in the previous stage is excellent quality and lasts a long time, however, we can follow this with a final stage of a paint sealant, which is left on the car for an hour, before being removed with again, a clean microfibre cloth. This is superior in offering some protection to the paintwork from future scratching.

We do not offer "detailing", just 24 years experience in rectifying paint defects with tried and tested products and methods.

Auto Brite Smart Repairs use the best products available from the leading brands in automotive refinishing, including: 3M, Autoglym, Mirka and Faracla.

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