Paint Protection For New Cars

If you have recently bought a new car, or are in the process of buying one, it is highly likely you will have been offered a paint protection to be applied before you pick it up. It is worthwhile adding a layer of good quality paint sealant in order to keep your paintwork looking like new. It also helps with the washing process in the future, making dirt, salt and bird droppings less likely to cling to the paint surface and spoil the appearance.

Applying a Paint Sealant at Main Dealers

If you agree to have a paint sealant applied to your car at the dealers, it will often have been offered at a reduced rate, or sometimes even free of charge, in order to secure your custom. The initial price quoted to add the protection is often extremely high in the first place, so it can look as though you are getting a great deal. The actual products used are usually of very good quality, however the process in which they are applied will need to be correct to get the desired results. This job is usually passed to the valeter who will generally be working to a very tight schedule and possibly expected to complete the whole process within 30 minutes. When applying a paint sealant, it is recommended to leave it on the car for approx 1 hour before removing, so obviously a little difficult to complete in 30 minutes!

Applying A Paint Sealant By Auto Brite

Using the same quality products, from brands such as Autoglym, Auto Brite can apply the paint sealant to your new car, in the way it was designed to be used and in the time frame it requires. From many years experience in all aspects of vehicle refinishing, including over 5 years performing the highest standards of car valeting for customers who appreciated extra quality before focusing on SMART repairs, we can protect your car properly and often for less than quoted at the dealers.

We can apply a dressing for the plastics to save them fading, a paint sealant to all the bodywork as well as the wheels, leaving the whole car protected and far easier to wash in future. We use microfibre cloths and the correct application and removal technique to avoid any swirls put into your new paintwork and spoiling the appearance.

We can supply the materials from our stock, or if there is a specific product you would like us to use, let us know, we can then return the remains of the products to you. The paint protection needs to be applied to a clean car, so we would safely and carefully wash it first, using a hand mitt and no harsh chemicals.

If you would like to give your new car the best protection to help maintain its' appearance, please call or email for an estimate.

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