What are SMART repairs?

SMART, stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques.

They are specialised methods used to professionally repair minor damage to vehicle body work, without the inconvenience and expense involved with replacing, or respraying multiple panels. Using the same body shop quality paints and materials, infra red drying, and specifically designed spray guns, the damaged area is repaired and blended into the undamaged area, leaving your car as original as possible.

How do you match the paint?

Using the latest water based colour mixing scheme, and a computer program to establish the correct formula for your car, we mix the desired quantity. This includes all the metallic, pearl, and solid finishes, used by vehicle manufactures today. All modern cars have a water based paint from factory, so we are matching like for like.

Do SMART repairs last?

A correctly carried out SMART repair will be no different to a correctly performed body shop repair regarding longevity. We use a 2007 compliant 2 pack lacquer which once hardened, is as durable as the paint used at the factory. In the past, some SMART Repair companies have used an inferior single pack lacquer, similar to that found in an aerosol, which would go dull after a few months, Auto Brite have only ever used the same quality of lacquer used in decent body shops.

We also only use 2 pack primer, never single pack aerosol primer as used by many mobile SMART repairers for speed. Any single pack or cellulose aerosol primers may seem to save time, but they will never fully cure, meaning eventually there will be sink marks under the repair. A 2 pack primer is chemically hardened and will not sink at a later date.

SMART repairs are not a cheap alternative.

Although usually cheaper than a decent traditional bodyshop repair, SMART repairs are not a cheap DIY type of repair. In the 26+ years we have been trading, the quality of materials and equipment have improved probably more than in most other industries. The advances in paints, and regulations, mean that a SMART repair performed properly will be no less in quality than a decent, traditional body shop repair. Some body shops will have you believe SMART repairs are not long lasting. Auto Brite has many repeat customers who could tell you otherwise. As mentioned in previous pages, we have trained many staff in both main dealer and independently owned body shops, who having accepted Smart repairs are a viable repair solution and have now gone on to offer them. We have offered nothing but them, since 1994!

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