An example of a repair carried out by Auto Brite

  • Auto Brite Smart Repairs
  • Auto Brite Smart Repairs

This Ford Focus had the obvious dent to the rear quarter panel, as well as some scuffing to the rear bumper, caused by reversing into a post.
The dent was mostly removed using hand tools to access the rear of the panel as well as a glue pulling method, before using a decent quality body filler to achieve the correct shape and contour of the panel.

The whole quarter panel was resprayed as well as the bumper corner. The car was delivered to Auto Brite at 9:00 and was ready to be collected by 5:00, same day. Since moving to larger premises where we are able to work on up to 3 cars at a time, cars will generally be ready to collect the following day, except for very minor damage.

There are mobile Smart repairers who may not take on a job as in this example, due to either inexperience and a lack of the skills required to perform a repair of this standard, or simply, it being too large a job to perform outside, correctly and legally. From 19 years on the road experience, mobile was a viable way to achieve a decent repair for more minor damage, but it was very dependent on the weather conditions, which sometimes led to jobs booked in, being postponed or worked on at risk of the repair later failing.

Since opening the Express Bodyshop in Segensworth, each repair will be carried out, regardless of the weather, in the best conditions possible. We believe every repair should be treated in the same way, whether a bumper corner on a Fiesta, or a door on a Ferrari!

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